Halloween Spending Up Across Nation

Oct 30, 2012

Twenty-four-year-old Brian Williams and 22-year-old Jennifer Reed of Kennewick say they spent about $200 this year on Halloween costumes, decorations and candy.
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If Halloween spending is an indicator of the economy, Americans appear to be feeling better than this time last year -- or at least more ghoulish.

A new survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation found that seven of 10 Americans will celebrate Halloween this year. And they’re spending more, says spokeswoman Kathy Grannis.

“The average person is expected to spend about $79 on Halloween decorations, costumes and candy.”

Up from $72 last year. Those numbers are fueled by consumers like 24-year-old Brian Williams and 22-year-old Jennifer Reed.

Williams and Reed were walking out of Halloween City in Kennewick with a giant black spider, tombstones and a fog machine for their zombie at home.

“I’ve always loved Halloween ever since I was little," Reed says. "I've always done a display outside my parent’s house and each year I try to make it a little bit better.”

This year’s ghoulish delights cost the couple about $200.

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