Hales, Smith Ahead In Portland Mayoral Race

May 16, 2012

Results from Portland's Mayoral primary show a veteran city leader and a charismatic state legislator advancing to a November runoff. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports.

Former City Commissioner Charlie Hales took a healthy lead early, finishing with 38 percent of the vote when the counting wrapped for the evening. State Representative Jefferson Smith and entrepreneur Eileen Brady engaged in a standoff, as vote tallies showed Smith consistently ahead by about 5 percentage points.

Addressing supporters after 11:00, Brady acknowledged Smith and Hales would compete in the runoff.  

Brady: "I'm looking forward to just seeing what happens for Portland. There's so much left to do in Portland. I'm not sure what role I'm going to play in that."

She declined to speculate whether or how she might return to public life.

Smith gave Brady credit for advocating economic and environmental issues throughout the campaign.

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