Grim Accounting Continues In Oso

Apr 2, 2014

The grim accounting continues in Oso as search crews recover more remains from the deadly mudslide there. As searchers painstakingly comb through mud and debris, the number in the missing column is ticking downward, and the list of those confirmed dead is growing. Crews have recovered remains from 28 people, though more have been found than the official tally reflects. Twenty people are listed as missing.

Father Tim Sauer is pastor of two local churches. He says the first funerals are expected within the next several days.

“These families are people who are still in – very much in a state of shock. This event happened so suddenly, so unexpectedly that even though it’s now been quite a number of days since the event itself, families are still in a stage of trying to come to grips with it,” says Sauer.

Crews have completed a makeshift road skirting much of the slide, built in just two days.

Officials say dry weather has drawn down some of the standing water, allowing them access to more areas. But they’re preparing for heavy rain later this week.

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