Gregoire Hopes For Wash. Budget Deal By Tuesday

Mar 30, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says she has put a compromise budget balancing proposal on the table in hopes of breaking the stalemate at the state capital. Speaking to reporters Friday, she indicated bipartisan negotiations are making some progress, but calls the talks "tenuous." Gregoire declined to reveal any details about what is included in her spending blueprint.

"There's something in there that each one of them dislikes," Gregoire says. "So I'm trying to put it together in total to say 'Okay, is there enough for each of you to put it together and go yes, and get over the few things that you don't like.'"

The Democratic governor says if lawmakers aren't able to reach an overall agreement by Tuesday, it will be difficult for the Washington Legislature to wrap up by the April 10th end date of their current overtime session.

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