Governor Inslee Announces New Water Quality Plan

Jul 9, 2014

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has just released a new plan to improve water quality in the state. One measure of how clean your water is, is how much of its fish you can safely eat.

The federal government says people eat fish about once a month, rainbow trout is a common catch for fisherman and is found throughout the northwest.
Credit Roger Tabor (USFWS) / Flickr

Right now the federal government says people eat fish about once a month, but Inslee said people in Washington eat closer to one meal of fish per day, and he said the new water quality standard he’s proposing would support that.

“I am confident that this rule is going to not only improve human health it’s going to be consistent with economic growth in our state,” said Inslee.

Oregon has already adopted a standard that supports an almost daily serving of fish. In both states industry has pushed back saying stricter standards will cost money.

Boeing released a statement saying that the Governor’s proposal could hurt Washington’s economic health. The company has previously opposed state attempts to tighten water quality standards.

Tribal members and environmental groups said the new plan was a step in the right direction. But they cautioned the water should be even cleaner to keep cancer risks as low as possible.

The governor ordered the State Department of Ecology to come up with a Draft Rule by the end of September. Then it will go before the state legislature.

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