Governmental Agencies To Jointly Review Longview Coal Terminal

Oct 9, 2012

Governmental agencies announced Tuesday plans to conduct a joint environmental review of a proposed coal export facility near Longview, Wash.

The Army Corps of Engineers, Cowlitz County and the Department of Ecology will work together to review the environmental impacts of the proposed Millenium coal export facility. The facility would be built by Ambre Energy and Arch Coal.

At full capacity it could be large enough to handle 44 million tons of coal per year. The coal would arrive by train from Wyoming and then be loaded on ships bound for Asia.

This is one of the largest of the five proposed coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon. There are currently two other proposals undergoing the environmental review process.

For now, the proposals are each being reviewed individually, despite calls from some politicians and the environmental community for a broader review. That would include examining how multiple coal export facilities – not just one - would affect train traffic, safety and human and environmental health across the region.

The Army Corps has yet to announce whether or not they’ll conduct such an assessment.

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