Gov. Chris Gregoire Visits Southcentral Washington’s Nuke Plant To Celebrate Its Relicensing

May 24, 2012

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is celebrating the new license that allows the Columbia Generating Station to run for another 20 years. She spoke at a ceremony to hundreds of the plant’s employees Thursday. The southcentral Washington reactor is run by Energy Northwest. It’s the only commercial nuclear power plant in the Northwest. Gregoire says the Columbia Generating Station has little to do with the Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s legacy of waste.

Governor Gregoire: “I truly understand the difference between a defense waste site and responsibly managed nuclear power plants. And we’re very fortunate to have it right here in our state.”
A half-dozen protesters wearing clown paint and cowboy hats stood outside the guarded gates of the plant during the ceremony. The Columbia Generating Station is now scheduled to run until 2043.

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