Gorge Fire Keeps I-84 Closed, But River Opens

Sep 11, 2017

The Columbia River Gorge continues to burn, but authorities say the weekend weather was favorable.

The U.S Coast Guard has re-opened the Columbia River to traffic. It’s just asking boaters to stay away from any firefighting operations. 

Jim Whittington with the Bureau of Land Management says an infra-red fly-over shows the blaze has increased to 34,000 acres, but some of that growth is from a controlled burn to protect Cascade Locks. 

“But all in all I think we are about as good shape as we could be on this fire and we are continuing to pursue our strategy of building a box around it in case we need that,” Whittington said.

The Oregon Department of Transportation said it’s removed about 2,000 trees along I-84 since Friday. Another 1,400 are still considered hazards. 

I-84 will remain closed for at least another week as crews clear a rock fall near the Tooth Rock tunnel.

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