GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Drops Trump Support

Sep 20, 2016

In a sudden about-face, Oregon's Republican gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce says he is dropping his support for Donald Trump.

Pierce has repeatedly said since May that Trump is a better choice than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But the Salem cancer doctor says it’s now clear to him that Trump can’t deliver a message of unity, and he criticized him for driving away Hispanic voters.

“Too many times he’s more apt to talk about a group of people and pretty much imply in his statements that this group as a whole is this way, and I think that is something you should really stay away from,” Pierce said.

Polls show Clinton running ahead of Trump in Oregon, and Democratic Gov. Kate Brown last month called on Pierce to disavow Trump.

Brown spokesman Chris Pair said in a statement that the governor is pleased that he answered her call to “do the right thing.”

At this point, Pierce says he doesn’t intend to vote for any of the presidential candidates.

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