Gold Hill Councilors Survive Recall Attempt

Aug 26, 2014

The attempt to remove most of the city council in the southern Oregon city of Gold Hill fell short.

Breeze Botanicals owner Brie Malarkey stands in front of the medical marijuana dispensary at the heart of a recall election in Gold Hill, Oregon.
Credit Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

Some residents were upset when city leaders approved a zoning change to permit a medical marijuana dispensary to open. The recall wouldn't have led to the closing of the dispensary but was aimed at the council members who voted in favor of allowing it. Nearly half of all registered voters in Gold Hill cast a ballot. And about 60 percent of those who voted did so in favor of the four council members.

More than 140 towns around Oregon have banned medical marijuana dispensaries entirely. The Oregon Health Authority has approved the applications of 183 dispensaries statewide.

Gold Hill recall results:

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