Former Governors Announce Opposition To Casino Ballot Measures

Oct 9, 2012

Oregon's three former governors announced their opposition Monday to the state's casino ballot measures. Measure 82 amends the constitution to allow non-tribal casinos, and requires those casinos to give a percentage of their revenue to the state lottery. Measure 83 authorizes such a casino in Multnomah County, at Wood Village.

Gov. John Kitzhaber appears in ads against the two measures.  Now three of his predecessors, Republican Vic Atiyeh and Democrats Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski, are saying jointly that if Measures 82 and 83 passed, casinos could be built anywhere in the state.

Roberts says more casinos will not improve Oregon's quality of life. 

"Don't be fooled by the multi-million dollar TV ads," Roberts says. "This is not about water features or movie theaters or farmers' markets or fine dining. This is about money. Big money, gambling money, and it will bring with it problems that Oregon's communities don't need and can't afford to deal with." 

The campaign manager for 'Yes on 82 and 83,' Stacey Dycus, says she's not surprised that Oregon's tribal casinos and the elected officials they supported in the past, have come out against the measures.  She says her campaign is giving Oregonians the information they need to decide for themselves.

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