Former Death Row Inmate Darold Stenson on Trial Again

Sep 23, 2013

The retrial of former death row inmate Darold Stenson starts today in Kitsap County.
Stenson is charged with aggravated murder in the 1993 deaths of his wife and business partner. 

Darold Stenson.
Credit Credit Washington Department of Corrections

The state tried to execute Stenson in 2008. It was halted by federal and state judges. Then in May 2012 the state Supreme Court reversed his convictions.

In the ruling the high court said prosecutors wrongfully suppressed photographs that raised questions about mishandling of evidence.

There was also an FBI file that wasn't provided to the defense until 2009, 15 years after he was convicted.

Stenson no longer faces the death penalty.

Prosecutors said the families of the victims asked to have the death penalty taken off the table. He now faces life in prison. Stenson is on trial for the murders of his wife, Denise, and his business partner, Frank Hoerner.

In April Stenson’s defense attorneys successfully argued to have the trial moved from Clallam to Kitsap County.

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