Forest Service Drops Plan to Shrink Road Network in Wallowa-Whitman Forest

Apr 19, 2012

Forest Service officials in northeast Oregon have announced they will put on hold a plan to close forest roads. Amelia Templeton reports.

The plan was to go into effect this summer. It would have made about half the roads in the Wallowa-Whitman forest off limits to cars and off road vehicles. The goals: protect habitat and create a more efficient road network. But local residents protested.

Mac Huff is a fishing guide in Joseph, Ore. He says closing the roads would create problems for hunters. And make it harder for him to find fuel for his wood stove.

Huff: “With one main road now through the area that I go to cut wood, there’s no place for me to cut wood. ”

Congressman Greg Walden sided with the opponents, and intervened with a phone call and letter to higher ups in the Forest Service. Conservation group Oregon Wild says it is concerned about the political intervention in the process.

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