Fluoride Measure Fails In Portland

May 22, 2013

Unofficial results show Portland's fluoridation measure going down by a resounding 60-to-40 margin. Oregon Public Broadcasting's April Baer reports opponents got the upper hand despite being outspent two-to-one.

  The measure's supporters said the campaign had been challenging in part because of the need to deliver a complex message. There was talk of the coalition coming together in the future to work on other health priorities. The campaign raised more than $800,000, only to lose by a wide margin.

Fluoride opponents rejoiced at a sports bar in Northwest Portland

Mike Lindberg is a former city Councilman who opposes fluoridation. He says he felt voters responded to how last year's council got the measure on the ballot, trying to head off an anti-fluoride referendum.

Lindberg "If there's anything that upset Portlanders, it's a sense of injustice."

The last time Portland voted on fluoridation was 1980.

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