Florence Runner And Physician Helps Wounded At Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013

A physician from Florence, Ore., had just finished running the Boston marathon when the explosions went off Monday.

Paul Pearson and his wife were on their way back to their hotel not far from the finish line. Pearson helped a couple of injured people. Both were stable and had medical personnel with them.

Pearson says his heart goes out to all who were hurt in the blasts and their families.

"I'm very thankful that I'm healthy and I'm especially thankful for my family, especially my wife, my friends," Pearson says. "So just, hug your kids. Things like this sort of wake you up to what's important in life. At least it does for me."

Pearson was among several hundred runners from Oregon who participated in the Boston Marathon.

Officials with the Eugene Marathon say the April 28 event will go forward. The marathon will work with law enforcement to make sure the event is safe.

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