Fish Will Be Fed And There's A Pot Luck - NOAA On Skeleton Crew

Oct 11, 2013

The federal government may be in a partial shutdown but some people are still working. KUOW’s Patricia Murphy reports.

At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle research at the Montlake Laboratory has been halted but the fish and invertebrates still have to be kept alive. A few researchers have been granted access to come in feed the animals but that’s it. At NOAA’s Sandpoint facility meteorologists are still forecasting the weather, but they’re not collecting pay checks right now. Understandably morale is pretty low. So to raise their spirits the skeleton crew threw themselves a little pot luck. Contributions included sequester quencher soda, and filibuster parfait. NOAA employees are under strict orders not to talk about the shutdown. We tried to confirm some details and were sent to the regional office in Alaska. Her voicemail says she’s not working and…

Voicemail: " this voicemail is not accepting messages...goodbye"

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