Firefighters Get Handle On Central Washington’s Taylor Bridge Fire

Aug 22, 2012

Firefighters are getting a better handle on the Taylor Bridge fire burning in central Washington State. Fire crews say they have the fire 90 percent contained. So far the blaze has destroyed more than 50 homes and displaced many residents and livestock. Correspondent Anna King reports.

Firefighters are battling the Taylor Bridge Fire on the blaze’s northern edge. Steep terrain and gusty winds are continuing to challenge the crews. Mick Muller is an information officer for the fire command. He says it was disappointing to firefighters to not have contained it yet, but they are hoping to reach that milestone by Friday.

Muller: “The last piece of line that we have is in a draw that will experience some winds. Because there will be strong winds during the week it will eddy in there, they’ll funnel, so our line needs to be strong in there the rest of the week.”

Meanwhile, displaced families are living in hotels and with friends and family. While dozens of animals are being cared for by volunteer veterinarians at nearby rodeo grounds.

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