Ferguson Leads For WA Attorney General

Nov 7, 2012

Initial election results place King County Council member Bob Ferguson in the lead for Washington Attorney General. Ferguson, a Democrat, gave a tentative thumbs-up during his appearance Tuesday.

Photo of Bob Ferguson.
Credit Photo Credit: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

Ferguson: “It may be a little too early, but the results look very, very promising.”

So far he’s almost six points ahead of his fellow King County Council member, Reagan Dunn. But Dunn told Republican supporters he’ll be watching further tallies this week.

Dunn: “We’re very much in the hunt tonight. We’re not going to be done or we’re not going to know the results tonight.”

The race featured some bitter attack ads paid for by outside groups. Before joining the county council, Ferguson worked for a Seattle law firm, and Dunn worked as a federal prosecutor.

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