Federal Judge Orders Pre-trial Release Of Man Accused Of Firebombing Oregon Mosque

Jun 6, 2012

Cody Crawford, the man charged in the firebombing of a Corvallis, Oregon mosque in 2010, will be released from jail Wednesday morning. Judge Thomas Coffin made the ruling after two court sessions Tuesday. KLCC’S Lucy Ohlsen was at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene.

Judge Coffin made the decision to release Crawford with a few conditions. Crawford will be confined to his family's home. He'll have to wear a GPS bracelet, attend mental health counseling, and abstain from alcohol use.

Pre-trial services, a defendant assistance program, requested that his case be no-tolerance. If Crawford violates any of the release conditions, he will be immediately re-incarcerated. The judge said he agreed with the government that the community's safety is the primary concern. But, he found that Crawford would not pose a threat if released. The defense based most of their argument for release on a doctor's diagnosis that Crawford has "Autism Spectrum Disorder." Crawford's attorney said his client has a need for an orderly daily routine, where he is around people he can trust. On Wednesday, Crawford will be released from jail and transferred into the care of his family and pre-trial services until his trial date. p> Copyright 2012 KLCC.