Federal Grant Money Supports Critical Transportation Studies in Northwest

Feb 24, 2012

Grant money from the U.S. Department of Transportation will help fund ongoing studies looking at critical transportation issues in the Northwest.
Transportation issues affect all of us, whether it’s simply wondering why that red traffic light is blinking, or wondering why the commuter traffic is jammed up again.

It’s these kinds of issues, both national and regional in scope, which will be addressed by universities around the Northwest with the help of grant money from the US Department of Transportation.
The University of Idaho’s National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology, for example, will receive two grants, one totaling $3.5 million and another $600,000. Institute Director Karen DenBraven says some of the research work will look at issues unique to the Northwest:
Karen DenBraven: “The weather in the area is unique; certainly Alaska is absolutely unique. We also look at things like tsunami preparedness, we look at texting bans, and we look at livability issues.”
Other universities receiving or sharing in the grant money include Portland State University, the University of Washington, and Washington State University.

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