Federal Government Turns Down Idaho Disaster Request

Apr 3, 2017

Idaho Governor Butch Otter says the federal government has turned down his request for federal disaster funds to help the state rebuild after late winter flooding.

During a press conference Monday, the governor said Idaho is facing a steep bill, about $30 million and counting, to repair roads and bridges around the state.

More than two dozen counties, including seven in north Idaho, have been declared disaster areas by the state government.

“In fact, as recently as this morning, I signed another disaster declaration, adding additional counties, because of flooding," Otter said. "If this weather turns warm, which it’s likely to do, if we have additional rain, which we are likely to have, and it is in the forecast, then that flooding could get much worse.”

As to why the feds said no to Idaho’s request, Otter said the government said it didn’t consider Idaho’s situation severe enough to meet the federal disaster guidelines. He says the state will appeal and see if it can get some financial relief.

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