Federal Energy Commission Makes Statement on Wind Energy

Sep 21, 2012

A federal energy regulator sided with wind energy producers in their dispute with Idaho Power. Earthfix Reporter Aaron Kunz explains.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said Idaho Power must honor its obligation to purchase energy from wind farms. But it stopped short of taking enforceable action while the Idaho Public Utilities Commission is deciding how to rule on the case.

Gene Fadness is a spokesman with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

Fadness: “This order comes even before we’ve made a decision. The wind developers wanted something before a commission order hoping that that would perhaps sway the commission in their deliberations.”

Idaho Power wants to curtail its use of wind-generated electricity during times when it can meet demand with less costly power from coal and hydro.

A spokesman for Idaho Power says the utility plans to study the federal order before deciding how to respond.

The Idaho commission is expected to rule in October.

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