Federal Appeals Court Judges Hold Hearing In Seattle Over Travel Ban

May 15, 2017

Federal judges in Seattle had tough questions for attorneys Monday, as they heard arguments over President Trump's travel ban.

Trump's second travel ban was blocked following a lawsuit from Hawaii.

Three ninth circuit judges questioned an attorney for the President about statements made during the campaign regarding Muslims.

Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, a White House representative,  argued the executive order does not say anything about religion and should be assessed on face value, not defined by statements made before Trump took office.

"People say things on the campaign trail, then they take an oath to uphold the constitution, they form an administration and they consult with them on the policies they develop," General Wall said.  "And we shouldn't start down the road of psychoanalyzing what people meant in the campaign trail." 

He also said the President has since clarified remarks made during the campaign, saying Trump was referring to Islamic terrorists.

An attorney representing Hawaii argued that anti-Muslim statements have continued since Trump took office.

The attorney said the nation's constitution and laws are better than this ban.

The ninth circuit Judges have not yet issued a ruling.

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