FBI Ends D.B. Cooper Plane Hijacking Investigation

Jul 12, 2016


The FBI is closing its investigation into America's only unsolved airplane hijacking. The famous case of skyjacker D.B. Cooper has puzzled FBI investigators for the last 45 years. 

The case started on Thanksgiving Eve, 1971, on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Seattle. A man who called himself Dan Cooper told flight attendants he had a suitcase bomb. The crew met his demands for parachutes, 200-thousand dollars in cash, and to redirect the plane to Mexico. He leapt from the plane, possibly over southern Washington, but Cooper was never seen again. It drew international attention, and led the FBI to look into thousands of theories in order to find him. The FBI's Seattle office says it's closing the case now in order to focus on other investigations.  Still, the FBI invites anyone with physical evidence in the case to turn it over. Copyright 2016 KUOW