FBI Employee Believed Mohamud Was Ready For Suicide Attack

Jan 15, 2013

Tuesday prosecutors played video clips of undercover operatives working with Mohamed Mohamud. He's on trial for a plot to detonate a bomb in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square two years ago. The entire operation was an FBI sting.

Mohamed Mohamud
Credit Oregon Public Broadcasting website

The agent who's testifying was called Youssef during the investigation.  He's a California-based FBI employee who's worked undercover on several cases. 

The jury saw surveillance video that captured the agents repeatedly telling Mohamud he could walk away. On the video, Mohamud is seen shaking his head and responding, "I've been thinking about since I was 15… If you're going to Paradise," he says, "You don't have to worry, right?"

Mohamud waved off questions about whether he'd be disturbed by bomb carnage, saying he could only love someone who's close to God.

Youssef told the jury that at first he didn't believe the 18-year-old Mohamud was ready to martyr himself in the name of radical Islam. But by their third meeting, Youssef said Mohamud had a target location picked, and a slew of ideas about how the bomb might do maximum damage. 

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