Fairchild Airman Was A Plane Enthusiast

May 7, 2013

The feeling is somber at Spokane-area airfields Monday as details emerge about a plane crash Friday in Kyrgyzstan. Three Fairchild Air Force Base crew members died, including a mother, a father, and a plane enthusiast.

A memorial on the wing of Captain Mark "Tyler" Voss's RV-8 plane.
Credit Steve Jackson


  People remember Captain Victoria Pinckney as a mother and college rugby player. Technical Sergeant Herman Mackey III was a humorous father of a young girl. 27-year old Captain Mark "Tyler" Voss was building an RV-8 plane.

Vice President Larry Tobin of the local Experimental Aviation Association says Voss was a new member.

"This is very popular for pilots to build and fly their own airplanes, and that’s what Captain Voss was doing," Tobin says. "Him and his buddies were working on this, they rented space here to complete this airplane, and didn’t quite get it ready to run before he went on the latest deployment."

Tobin leads a four-ship formation team that will kick off Spokane’s Armed Forces Torchlight Parade this month with a tribute to the three airmen who died.

Fairchild is planning a public memorial service for the crew.

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