Eugene Voters Soundly Defeat City Fee Ballot Measure

May 22, 2013

Eugene voters soundly defeated a ballot measure that would have imposed a monthly fee on residents to help pay for public safety and social services. KLCC’s Angela Kellner reports.

  The Eugene City fee would have cost $10.00 a month for individuals and $30.00 for businesses. The money would have gone to help fill the more than $6-million budget hole. The city says without the additional revenue, cuts could be made to services such as libraries, firefighters and police. Supporters include City Councilors Alan Zelenka, Chris Pryor and Claire Syrett. Former City Councilor and opponent Bonny Bettman McCornack is glad the city fee didn’t pass.

McCornack: “The issues in this election were about tax breaks, tax incentives, private developer subsidies, removing money from the general fund to build large capital projects that are more responsibly funded with bond measures.”

Bettman McCornack says she would support a responsible bond measure to fund construction of a new city hall, but does not want the city diverting money from the general fund. The budget committee convenes Thursday and will meet several times before making spending recommendations to the Eugene City Council in early June.

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