Eugene Crowd Joins Others in Protest of Refugee Ban

Jan 30, 2017

Home-made signs dot the scene during an impromptu rally for immigration reform, held Sunday at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, Sunday 29th. January, 2017
Credit Amiran White / For The Register-Guard

Joining other protests around the country and the Northwest, an estimated one-thousand people gathered at the Eugene Federal Building Sunday to protest President Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees. Hundreds of people crowded the street in front of the Federal Building. They held signs and chanted.

Sandra Clark says she's a climate activist and that she would like to see this protest become a movement. "I think what people can do to form a movement is to start joining together in groups, even groups that they haven't been a part of before and having the only agenda be that of a commitment to a desire to be part of the resistance," she said.

Sean Modine was one of about a thousand people at Sunday's rally in Eugene. He offered empathy for those affected by the president's executive action:  "I'm here mostly to show support for refugees, immigrants and other oppressed people by this new administration. My grandparents were actually refugees from Mexico so it strikes close to home."

The protest was organized quickly. It began as a Facebook post Saturday evening.

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