Environmental Groups Seek Ban of Common Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Feb 4, 2013

The 9th circuit court of appeals will hear arguments Monday in Seattle in a pesticide lawsuit. Three environmental groups want to force the Environmental Protection Agency to ban a pesticide used on some Northwest crops. Amelia Templeton of EarthFix Reports.

The EPA banned home use of chlorpyrifos in 2001 because it can harm the nervous system. But it’s still commonly used on crops like wheat, alfalfa and apples in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Eastern Washington.

In the Northwest, the EPA is trying to limit the application of the pesticide near streams because it can harm salmon.

But three environmental groups have filed a lawsuit trying to force the agency to go further, and ban it entirely across the country.

Patti Goldman is a lawyer with Earthjustice. She says the groups showed the EPA...

Goldman: “New evidence that this pesticide is being found in children, that it is drifting from where it is applied to places where children are going to school or playing, and its in the environment in ways that are causing harm.”

EPA spokesman Mark MacIntyre says the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

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