Ellensburg Democrats Draw Crowd for Earth Day Science March

Apr 24, 2017

Roughly 150 people in Ellensburg were among the thousands who gathered nationwide to celebrate Earth Day and March for Science nationwide Saturday. 

Members of the crowd brought along their dogs and kids. Two came with guitars and played classic songs of unity and peace. Among them was Sharon Rosell, Central Washington University’s first female Physics Professor.

“Trump is proposing to decrease the funding for the national science foundation and for the National Institutes of Health and for a lot of programs we have for outreach for mostly minority students to help them get interested in science," Rosell said. 

Passing drivers honked their horns and raised cheers from people holding handmade signs. “Trust Science,” “Thank a Scientist,” “No science, no beer,” were painted on a few. Others touted the scientific method.

The Kittitas County Democrats hosted the march.

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