Education Groups Hail Supermajority Ruling

Mar 1, 2013

Education groups led the charge to strike down the two-thirds vote requirement to raise taxes in the Washington state Legislature.

Chris Korsmo is CEO of the League of Education Voters, a lead plaintiff in the case the state Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. Korsmo welcomes the court’s decision. But she says she still doesn’t expect higher taxes to be an easy sell in Olympia.

Korsmo: “I think the reality of it is that we’ll see legislators want to have as huge a majority as they can possibly amass to pass taxes. So I don’t look for a lot of close votes on tax increases anytime soon, but the fact is they do have the tool in their toolbox, and it does remove any excuse about why we can’t fully fund basic education and other things.”

The Supreme Court had already told lawmakers in Olympia they need to dramatically boost spending for basic education this session in order to meet the state’s constitutional requirement.

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