Eagle Creek Fire Suspect in Oregon Police Custody

Sep 6, 2017


Investigators have identified a 15 year old male from Vancouver, Washington as a primary suspect in the Eagle Creek Fire burning across more than 32,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge.

Oregon State Police said the teenager suspected of throwing a firecracker into Eagle Creek Canyon is cooperating with investigators.

Captain Bill Fugate said investigators have to determine the facts of the case before charges can be filed.

“In any case, to show culpability, was this a negligent act, a reckless act? Was it an intentional arson to start a forest fire? That’s part of the investigation,” Fugate said.  “Depending on that, what we can establish, that will change the levels of charging that the district attorney can review.”

Fugate said investigators are reviewing evidence and would like to hear from anyone who saw fireworks or anything suspicious on the Eagle Creek Trail or Punchbowl Falls last Saturday. He said they’re also talking to others who were hiking with the teenage suspect.

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