Dozens Crash In Spokane After Snowfall, Speed Biggest Factor

Jan 9, 2013

In the past two days, there have been 149 vehicle crashes in Spokane County. Though snow falls in Spokane every year, Police say they still see a rise in car-wrecks on icy winter roads. Paige Browning reports.

Spokane Police officer Theresa Fuller says there were 116 wrecks Monday, when more than half a foot of snow fell in the county. On Tuesday there were 33 by mid afternoon.

Fuller says people simply drive too fast, even if they are going the speed limit.

Fuller: “Okay well the speed limit is for optimal road conditions, and we have very much less than that right now. A speed limit that’s, say, 50 miles an hour on I-90, you know 30 miles per hour might be the most you should be doing. The speed limit downtown is I believe 30 miles per hour on most of the roads, and in this kind of weather I’d say 20 is probably plenty.”

City crews have worked to clear the roads of snow, but new layers of rain have turned some streets and intersections into a sheet of ice. Fuller offers a few helpful reminders: make sure windshields are completely wiped of snow, defrost your windows, and don’t warm up your car without being in it to avoid car theft.

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