Dino Rossi Back In Washington State Senate

Jul 9, 2012

Dino Rossi is back in the Washington State Senate. The King County Council picked him Monday to fill a vacancy.

Rossi’s fellow Republican, Cheryl Pflug , left her Senate seat in May after Washington Governor Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, offered her a state job. Pflug told KING-TV she took the job for financial reasons.

But state Republicans criticized her—and the Governor—because the job offer came just one business day after the filing deadline for November. So the GOP missed a chance to encourage a strong candidate to run for the seat.

Rossi is now approved to fill in until after the November election. He would only vote as a state Senator if a special session were called due to an emergency.

Rossi has run twice for Washington Governor and once for U.S. Senate. He was in the Washington State Senate for seven years.

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