Denny Heck And Dick Muri Will Face Off In New 10th District

Aug 8, 2012

In the newly created Tenth Congressional District, Democrat Denny Heck will face Republican Dick Muri in the general election. Pollsters say the district skews slightly Democratic. But Muri says his military experience will help balance that. KUOW’s Amy Radil reports.

The tenth district was created after Washington picked up a seat in Congress thanks to the 2010 census. It includes parts of Thurston, Pierce and Mason counties. With six candidates in the running, businessman and former state legislator Denny Heck took the lead, with 41 percent of the vote on primary night.

Heck: “We did a little better than we thought we would and that’s awfully gratifying, but it’s a whole new election now and we’ll proceed accordingly.”

Heck is an investor and the founder of the public affairs network TVW. He says if elected, he’d seek more federal funding for infrastructure and education, and eliminate tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas.

Heck has raised $1.4 million so far, about ten times the amount of his Republican rival, Dick Muri. Muri came in second with 26 percent of the vote Tuesday, but doesn’t see himself as a longshot. He thinks voters will be impressed by his record during nine years on the Pierce County Council. Muri is also a retired lieutenant-colonel in the U.S. Air Force. He says that matters in a district centered around Joint Base Lewis McChord.

Muri: “Especially in November when the military vote turns out, it’s going to be a very close one. I think somebody told me they think it’s a plus-two or plus-three [percentage points] Democrat which – two or three points? I can make up that by outworking Denny Heck. “

Muri says he supports deregulation and more limited government as a way to strengthen the economy, but he says he’s also been an advocate for environmental protection. Muri beat out fellow Republican and Pierce County councilman Stan Flemming to challenge Heck in November.

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