Demonstrators Seeking $15 Minimum Wage March From SeaTac To Seattle

Dec 5, 2013

About a hundred demonstrators marched from SeaTac to the city of Seattle Thursday. They’re hoping that the city of Seattle passes a law to create a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Credit Ben K Adams / Flickr

Dallas Brazier works at Burger King in the Central Area and earns minimum wage.

I came to support the movement and try to fight for better wages so everyone can have a better way to live and don’t have to stress about just the basic things that we really need, that we’re not able to get, working the wages that we work," says Brazier.

Gina Peterson is also marching. She says the demonstration represents a resurgence in civic activism.

“It worked during the Vietnam war. It’s going to work now. But people need to realize that you can do something. One person can do something. It’s more true now then it ever has been," says Peterson.

The march started in the city of SeaTac this morning because voters there narrowly approved a ballot measure that would create a $15 an hour minimum wage for some workers.

But election officials are recounting the votes in that contest and it’s also the subject of an ongoing lawsuit.

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