Defense Rests In Oregon Bomb Plot

Jan 29, 2013

All that remains is closing statements in the trial of Mohamed Mohamud (mo-hah-MOOD). Jurors will soon decide whether the 21-year-old defendant was responsible for the bogus plot intended to kill thousands at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, or whether the FBI lured him into it. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports.

The last witness to take the stand was a former CIA agent and professor of psychiatry, Marc Sagemann. He discussed a four-year study he made of what makes some people associated with Islamic extremism turn to violence. Sagemann said he felt Mohamud was not likely to undertake a terrorist attack before he was approached by undercover agents. But, he said, the defendant became a threat during the course of the undercover operation.

Earlier in the day, Dr Elizabeth Cauffman told jurors about brain development through age 25. She explained that the areas of the brain that control inhibitions, strategy and decision-making aren't fully functional til the mid 20s.

Cauffman cited a phone conversation days before the plot's action date. An undercover agent asked Mohamud if he was ready to leave town after the plan was executed. Mohamud replied that he wasn't packed, and hadn't finished his laundry yet.

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