Defense Prods Operative On Sting Tactics

Jan 17, 2013

Attorneys for Mohamed Mohamud spent the morning poking holes in the government's claims that their client was dangerous. Mohamud was arrested in a sting operation. Prosecutors say he intended to kill thousands of people with a car bomb.

Defense attorney Lisa Hay questioned "Youssef", the undercover FBI employee who met with Mohamud eight times through the course of the operation, posing as an Al-Qaeda recruiter. She noted "Youssef" gave Mohamud a series of tasks, including renting an apartment for the operation.  Hay then showed an email in which Mohamud asked his contacts to co-sign for him. 

Wasn't it kind of a "clueless idea", Hay proposed, "to think Al Qaeda would co-sign for an apartment"?

Hay questioned "Youssef" extensively about his role in a video message Mohamud recorded in advance of the plot. Youssef conceded he'd been creating something that would later be used as evidence, without telling Mohamud the ultimate audience for the video might be a jury. 

Hay also compared themes Youssef suggested to Mohamud, and similar phrases Mohamud ended up using in the video. 

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