Decision On Cody Crawford's Release Postponed

May 29, 2012

A federal judge in Eugene heard arguments Tuesday for the release of a man charged in the fire bombing of a Corvallis mosque in 2010. Cody Crawford is currently in jail awaiting trial.

Government lawyers argued victims of the mosque bombing were not given enough notice of Cody Crawford's motion for release. Despite this, Judge Thomas Coffin allowed the defense to make their arguments.

Crawford's attorney presented a psychologist's opinion that his client has Aspergers syndrome, and would not be dangerous if released.

But, the government claimed the Aspergers diagnosis didn't make Crawford less of a threat.

Crawford was given an opportunity to address the judge directly. He said it was "terrible to be separated" from his family, and vowed to make positive changes in his life if released.
Judge Coffin said he would not make a decision until members of the Corvallis mosque were given an opportunity to weigh in. Crawford's release hearing will continue on June 4th.

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