Dan Rather Honored With Murrow Award At Washington State Univeristy

Sep 28, 2012

Veteran journalist Dan Rather said he was honored to receive the Edward R. Murrow Award from Washington State University’s Murrow College on Thursday.

Walking among the young people of the Murrow College at WSU in Pullman Thursday, Dan Rather, the longtime CBS news anchor and reporter, was asked repeatedly if journalism was a career those students should pursue.

Dan Rather: “I tell them, yes they should chase it. They should pursue the adventure of a career in journalism, if they burn with the hot hard flame to do it.”

In addition to talking with students, Rather delivered a speech in accepting the Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement, an award given by the academic college named for the famous broadcaster, a 1930 graduate of what was then Washington State College.

Those who spoke with Rather during his visit to Pullman described him as warm and gracious, and Rather himself said he was deeply honored by the award. I’m Glenn Mosley reporting.

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