CPR Required For High Schools

May 9, 2013

High school students across Washington will be learning how to save a life, starting next fall. A new law requires schools to teach basic C-P-R in health classes. Governor Jay Inslee signed the measure into law. The main advocates were with the American Heart Association, including volunteer Eric Rothenberg who survived cardiac arrest because a bystander performed CPR on him. Rothenberg says the new mandate means more people will be willing to use chest compressions:

Rothenberg: “It’s not really likely they're going to use it in school. It’s more likely they're going to use it at home, on a parent or grandparent or on another adult.”

If a bystander performs CPR, the chances of surviving cardiac arrest can more than double. At least a third of Washington schools already teach CPR in health classes, and the rest will add it to the curriculum. The Heart Association promises to assist teachers by bringing paramedics into classrooms for a day, to demonstrate CPR.

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