Conservation Groups Sue to Stop Logging Project

May 8, 2012

Conservation organizations will proceed with a legal challenge of the Goose Logging Project in the McKenzie River Watershed in the Willamette National Forest. KLCC's Christina Kempster has more on the story.

Residents of McKenzie Bridge have been fighting this logging project that they say would change the landscape of their community.

Josh Laughlin is with Eugene-based Cascadia Wildlands, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. He says that they have tried dialogue with the Forest Service and still hope to reach a compromise.

"We hope that we are able to find common ground with the agency so the good portions of the project can move forward," Laughlin says. "The reckless older forest logging can be shelved and that way there are wide spread benefits for the community, the ecosystem and essentially a happy medium can be found."

The Forest Service says the Goose project goals are to balance logging, wildfire prevention and habitat preservation. Laughlin is skeptical. He says the Forest Service has poisoned its own well by pairing restoration with aggressive logging.

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