Coal Export Meeting Underway in Washington And Oregon

Nov 8, 2012

Public officials are considering permits for coal export terminals in the Northwest.

Photo of a coal mine.
Credit Photo Credit: James Allan/Wikimedia Commons

They want to hear what you think.

Hundreds of people gathered in Mount Vernon, Washington, this week.

Some voiced their opinions about building a coal terminal near Bellingham.

That export terminal could move 54 million tons of coal each year.

There’s another public meeting about the terminal next week in Seattle.

Scott Clemans is with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Clemans: “What we’re seeking is information about specific impact on the natural or the human environment, especially a quantitative assessment, be it fish and wildlife, be it air quality.”

In Oregon, officials are considering permits for a coal export terminal in Boardman. They’re holding public meetings in December.

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