Clinton Calls Inslee A Leader Adressing Climate Change

Sep 17, 2012

Former president Bill Clinton’s appearance drew over 3,000 supporters to downtown Seattle Saturday. Organizers called it one of the biggest political fundraisers in recent memory.He came to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee. Inslee faces Republican Rob McKenna in one of the tightest governors’ races in the country this fall.

Clinton focused on climate change as one of the biggest challenges facing the United States, and criticized Republicans for refusing to face it.

“In the end we have to prove that we can create a modern economy that we fuel ourselves on energy that is not burning up the planet," said Clinton.

Clinton wrote the forward to Inslee’s book about clean energy. He said Inslee has been a leader in helping address climate change.

“The question is, are we going to do something about it or are we going to let it do something to us. Jay Inslee has an economic strategy," said Clinton.

He praised Inslee’s focus on energy, biotechnology, agriculture and aerospace to achieve economic growth. Clinton’s appearance was expected to raise over half a million dollars for Inslee’s campaign.

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