Clark County Removes Confederate Monument From Historic Registry

Oct 4, 2017


Officials in Vancouver, Washington have voted to remove a Confederate monument from the county’s historic register. 

After nearly two hours of public testimony, the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to strip the Jefferson Davis Highway marker of its historic designation.

The markers were built in honor of the first and only president of the Confederacy.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Alex Gall said the monument failed to meet the criteria for a local heritage site.

“I just don’t see where the connection to our community, where the historic tie is,” Gall said. “We nominate things to the register to remember our history in this community. And this plaque doesn’t really fit.”

The markers were dedicated in Vancouver in 1939, but were later removed and placed on private property near Ridgefield.

That means, even though the commission voted to remove the monument from its registry, the Confederate symbols will remain on display.

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