CIA-Bound Ricin Letter Found In Spokane

Jun 11, 2013

The 5th letter in a ricin-poisoning investigation, addressed to the Central Intelligence Agency, has been retrieved in Spokane. Paige Browning reports.

  The FBI says postal workers in Spokane discovered the letter Saturday when it was returned as undeliverable.

Supervisory Senior Agent Frank Harrill, from the FBI in Spokane, said in an email the letter was addressed to the CIA, and is “similar in appearance to four other letters sent from Spokane last month.” It’s postmarked May 13th, written in red ink, and contains the deadly poison ricin. There are no related reports of illness.

Matching letters were addressed to President Barack Obama, a federal judge in Spokane, a Spokane post office, and Fairchild Air Force Base.

In May FBI officials arrested Matthew Ryan Buquet in Spokane in connection with the mailing to the judge. He faces a one-count grand jury indictment for mailing threatening communications.

The FBI and postal service investigators have sought the 5th letter as part of a larger investigation. It will undergo additional testing at a national lab near Washington D.C.

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