Causa Supporters Hold Rally In Eugene

Apr 10, 2013

To show support for immigration reform, about 25 people attended a rally in front of the federal building in Eugene Wednesday.

Hugo Nicolas, the organizer of Oregon’s immigration advocacy group, Causa.
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

Oregon’s immigration advocacy group, Causa, held rallies across the state to coincide with one in Washington D.C. The goal: to urge Congress to move ahead with immigration legislation.

Causa Organizer Hugo Nicolas came to the U.S when he was 11. He was a representative at his high school and volunteered for Army ROTC, and the chamber of commerce.

“And I did all those things because I care about this country," Nicolas says. "I want to make sure there is opportunities for everyone. Not just if you are a citizen. Being a citizen is not just earned by being born here, you have to fight for it. You have to fight for that right to be called a citizen. ‘Cause that is how this country was built. That’s how we raise that flag in our history because it was the hard work of the people.Yet when you go out there, they still call you illegal.”

Some goals of immigration reform include attaining driver’s licenses, being able to go to college and health benefits. Causa advocates thanked Congressman Peter DeFazio for his support of the Dream Act, and urged him to support a bill to provide an easier path to citizenship.

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