Candidates For Wash. Governor Split On ‘Supermajority’

Jun 13, 2012

The two leading candidates for Washington governor weighed in on jobs and the economy at their first debate Tuesday in Spokane. Republican Rob McKenna and Democrat Jay Inlsee clashed over an issue voters may face again this fall: taxes, and what it takes to raise them. Correspondent Jessica Robinson has more.

Washington voters have repeatedly approved what’s known as a “supermajority rule” -- most recently in 2010. The law requires a two-thirds majority in the legislature to increase taxes. Recently, a superior court judge found the rule unconstitutional.

Congressman Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for Washington governor told the Spokane audience why he considers the two-thirds requirement a distortion of democracy.

Inslee: “One of our citizens gets one vote, another of our citizens. I believe all of my fellow citizens are entitled to one vote.”

Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna countered ...

McKenna: “I’m glad the congressman has clarified his position and is now clearly against a rule that 64 percent of the voters approve.”

Washington voters may have chance to decide whether to adopt the supermajority rule again if a similar initiative makes it to the ballot this fall. The first gubernatorial debate of the general election was sponsored by the Association of Washington Business.

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