Campers Evacuated As Wildfires Burn Across Northwest

Aug 29, 2012

Two hunters who were reported missing during a wildfire in eastern Oregon have been located and are safe. But Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer says there's new concern about a pair of hikers who are thought to be in the vicinity of the Parish Cabin Fire.

Palmer says the hikers are from Portland and aren't thought to be in immediate danger. But he says they could end up stranded if the fire continues to spread.

"We've left message on their cell phones and we've left a note on their vehicle," Palmer says. "So in the event that they should walk out to their vehicle, that we would be there to try and help them get out through the fire."

More than two dozen people were evacuated from campsites in the area around the fire. The Parish Cabin blaze is one of more than a half-dozen wildfires burning in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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