Bruce Bradberry Retires (Again)

Apr 27, 2015

A warm and cheery voice familiar to millions is going away. Bruce Bradberry is retiring. Bradberry, who has been a fixture on NWPR's Weekend Edition for 20 of the last 26 years (he retired a few times before), will turn off the mic for probably the last time on April 26 to take up the next chapter of the Book of Bradberry, whatever it may be.

The early chapters are all about radio. Bradberry worked the mic for the first time in the mid-1960s in south-central Los Angeles at Pepperdine College (later to be Pepperdine University, relocated to Malibu). As Bradberry explains, KWAV was actually zero-watt radio, heard only on dorm intercoms. A precursor to online radio?

He moved from the studio, to admissions, then into the classroom where he taught music and, later, social studies and became an administrator: Cottonwood, Omak, Deary, Challis and Troy. He served for many years as the music director of WSU's Summer Palace Theatre.

Along the way he and his late wife, Lois, raised two children and developed a perspicacious taste for exploring the world, which is probably the next chapter. While his wife Susan Mecum tends to things on Moscow Mountain, we'll expect the occasional Bruce-card from far-flung places, extolling the virtues of something amazing, praising the food and the locals, and making a bad pun. And, one day, perhaps he shall return.

Playlist of Bruce's radio farewell montage: 

1.       Overture - Candide

2.       Entracte - They’re Playing Our Song

3.     “Try to Remember” - The Fantasticks

4.      “I Wanna Be a Producer” – The Producers

5.      “You’re Nothing Without Me” – City of Angels

6.       Overture – 1776   

7.       “It Takes A Woman - Hello, Dolly

8.        Act II Prologue: “So Happy” – Into the Woods

9.        “It’s Been Grand Knowing You” – She Loves Me

10.    “Rosemary” – How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying   

11.    “Everybody’s Got To Be Somewhere” - City of Angels

12.    “On My Journey” – The Weavers At Carnegie Hall

13.    “Moonlight Becomes You” – Frank Sinatra   

14.    “President Jefferson March” – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

15.    “Coffee Break” – How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

16.   “Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little” – The Music Man

17.    “What Did I Ever See in Him?” – Bye Bye Birdie

18.   “Comedy Tonight” – A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum

19.   “Money Song” - Avenue Q

20.   “Too Many Mornings” – Follies (In Concert)

21.   “Food, Glorious Food” – Oliver    

22.   “Cockeyed Optimist” – South Pacific   

23.   “I’m Calm” – A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum

24.   “Anything Goes” - Anything Goes

25.   “So Long, Dearie” – Hello, Dolly